Jarnsaxa Tomb Brew (Worcestershire Sauce) is here!

Jarnsaxa Tomb Brew (Worcestershire Sauce) is here!


Our mates Marcus and AJ, set up Jarnsaxa to make some of the best Worcestershire sauce and Bloody Mary mixes going around.

Recently they were looking for a small kitchen for a quick replenish of their Tomb Brew stocks – enter Rascal. We love an opportunity where we can work with mates and support local small business.

The boys cranked out a couple of days in the kitchen making this versatile umami rich sauce, that adds serious depth of flavor to your cooking. Also - no preservatives and additives or nasties!

It is awesome on a hangover fry up, in soups, stocks, sauces or marinades.

We are now proud to be stocking their delicious Tomb Brew (made in our very own kitchen), as well as their Bloody Mary Doom Brews. Drop in and grab a bottle.

This stuff is seriously amaze-balls (and vegan)!

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