Rascal x Brunswick Soap House launch Paloma Soap!

Rascal x Brunswick Soap House launch Paloma Soap!

In the first of our Support Local collab x series we have teamed up with Brunswick Soap House to create a Paloma Soap! 

Channelling our Paloma cocktail, this soap has delicious scents of grapefruit and bergamot!

Rascal Brunswick Paloma Soap

 Paloma Soap - label design by the fantastic Tyler Pinn.

The soap is 100% All-Australian high-quality olive oil liquid soap (castile soap) hand-made right here in Brunswick - with love, no nasties, and you in mind

Our soap has some amazing benefits, including phenomenal cleaning qualities, antibacterial properties and safe for people with sensitive skin/allergies (hypoallergenic). On-top of that it leaves your hands smelling great and feeling moisturized!

Best of all our soap is biodegradable, sustainably made, vegan and doesn’t harm the ecosystem! 


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Rascal Brunswick

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