Rascal x Alem Tea Peach Mule Tea launches!

Rascal x Alem Tea Peach Mule Tea launches!

Where are our tea lovers at?

Introducing PEACH MULE TEA!

Rascal has teamed up with local business Alem Tea – to create a custom peach and ginger tea that is easy to prepare and absolutely delicious. Based on Rascals Peach Mule cocktail (Tasmanian vodka, ginger beer, lime, and peach bitters), the tea channels the delicious ginger and peach flavour combination.

Available in 40-gram loose leaf bags (20 servings), the tea is a blend of Chinese black and white tea, peach bits, ginger and sunflower petals.

The drink is perfectly served both hot during winter months or cold on hotter days, with sweet peach and spicy ginger notes coming through.

The tea is available in-store or online.

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