Rascal now offering stubby holders

Rascal now offering stubby holders

These beauties have been designed by our mate Seb Godfrey and made locally.

Rascal Brunswick's Stubby Holders

The idea, based on recent visits to regional pubs, is that patrons ordering cans to drink-in can now have their beers served in stubby-holders (or in a glass or as is).

The stubby holders are loaned for the period of the sitting (and requested to be returned).

Launching Monday 28 June as part of the inaugural MOND-ALES weekly beer night, they will be an option anytime we are open.

They are the most stylish way to keep your beer colder for longer.

Wanna take one home or gift one to a mate – the stubby holders will also be available to take home for $9! 

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