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2019 Icarus Cabernet Merlot

Konpira Maru
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Like Blueberry Pie

So Bloody Yum

This wine is so bloody yum; its silky yet edgy, like that hot hot scene from The Bodyguard when Whitney Houstons (RIP) silk scarf is cut in half by Kevin Costners sword. And just like Whitney (RIP) sung in that piece of cinematic genius, I will always love this wine. I have a special bond with it, a simpatico, a goddamn wine crush bordering on the creepy. Everything about it. Its aromatics, its taste, the way it looks at me like I just roasted the perfect potato.

A real old school dry red gem, with silk from the fruit and the oak, producing a wine with juicy dark berries and a touch of quinine.

Vintage: 2019

Region: Kilmore, Victoria

ABV: 14.5%

Variety: Cabernet, Merlot



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