Tidy Town Wines (New Releases)

Tidy Town is a series of wines that are made to be fun and fashionable - ‘park wine’ style.

Starting as a bet between Alex and Rob at Little Brunswick Wine Co. to see if they could make moscato interesting. Tidy Town now make a bunch of different wines, working with organic fruit they bring new life to old school styles. 

Wines are locally grown on jardwadjalia, wadawurrung, boon wurrung, dja dja wurrung and locally made on wurundjeri country.

Vegan, unfiltered, unfined, some have no sulfur but that is not a rule. 


We are excited to be showcasing their brand-spanking new 2020 releases! Fun, fresh, local and delicious we encourage you to get involved! 

Drop into our store or shop below for their new release 2020 range!

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