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This menu will require some reheating and finishing of dishes, to get the best results we recommend reading through all the instructions below before starting.

The best way to prepare the meal is to plate all your cold items and then do the hot food together!

*We have included a candle to set the mood and if you would like some music to listen to, check out our resident Sunday night DJ, Mr Weir, set below:


1. Sourdough focaccia, bay leaf butter

Warm up focaccia in the oven for 1 or 2 minutes then spread the butter on, nice and thick!

Fermented and pickled vegetables

Arrange nicely on your fanciest condiment bowl.

Jumbo potstickers, crab, chicken, chilli vinegar/Heirloom radish, honey yoghurt, fennel pollen

Heat frypan on medium heat then put the dumplings in flat side down with a small amount of vegetable oil and fry till dark golden on the bottom and heated through (Roughly 5 minutes)
Transfer your chilli vinegar to a nice ramekin. Once hot place your jumbo dumplings to a plate with chilli vinegar dipping sauce.
Veg Option: Gently spoon honey yogurt onto a small plate. Neatly arrange radishes on top, then garnish with fennel pollen

2. Half koji chicken, charred snow peas, cimi di rapa, honey mustard gravy/Nettle spaghetti, broccoli, goats curd, mint

The koji chicken has been seared and carved for you. All you need is finish it in the oven. Simply take the lid off the tin and cook for 10-12 minutes, then let it rest for a couple of minutes once hot.

Whilst the chicken is in the oven, boil a pot of water with a healthy pinch of salt on the stove and get another small pot ready for gravy. Once you take the chicken out to rest, blanch the silverbeet in the salted water for 1 minute then remove and drain off excess water, and heat the gravy.

On a warm plate arrange the silverbeet into a small circle then place the cooked chicken within this circle, arrange the snow peas and radishes around the outside then pour the hot honey mustard gravy all over the chicken.

Veg option: Boil a pot of water with a healthy pinch of salt on the stove. In another small pot, gently heat the broccoli sauce. Blanch the pasta in your salted water for 2 and a half minutes, then drain and put the pasta into the sauce. Stir well to ensure pasta is evenly coated then neatly transfer to a warm bowl. Garnish with a sprinkle of mint, pecorino and cured egg yolk.

Potato gratin, rosemary, Roquefort, onion jam

Take the lid off the tin and place into the oven at the same time as the chicken. Takes the same time to cook, 10-15mins.

Scoop from the tin onto a sharing plate or just dig right in!

Iceberg lettuce, wild garlic ranch, fine herbs

Transfer iceberg wedges from the container and place onto a plate or into a salad bowl.

Pour the ranch over the top then sprinkle the fine herbs over the top.

3. Rascal birthday cake, Ratio chocolate and wattleseed gateau

Serve however you like you cake! (and sing us happy birthday)

Proud of your plating?

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We are endeavoring to remain open and servicing our locals, despite COVID presenting significant challenges to our industry and the community.

In order to do so, and for the safety of our staff and patrons we have implemented some temporary changes, which include:

• Offering a reduced dining menu
• Requesting all patrons wear masks in the venue when not seated, social distance (where possible), and sanitize hands.

We will be regularly cleaning the venue to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please note we may be slightly understaffed at times, and request your patience and understanding.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

Team Rascal

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