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2020 Blind Corner Quindalup Petillant - Rascal Brunswick | Wine Bar + Bottle Shop

2020 Blind Corner Quindalup Petillant

Blind Corner

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Pink, cloudy and bubbly!

Sweet in taste and pastel in colour, it makes a hot day cool and a cool day life at the beach. First, Chenin grapes  are picked from the Quindalup vineyard and wild-fermented in barrels. Then bucket of Shiraz juice is frozen for good measure as well. Once dry, or really really close, more juice is added, the barrels are blended and bottled. This way the wine keeps fermenting, but finishes in bottle, trapping the CO2 trying to escape and making it bubbly.  The resultant wine is pink, super-fresh, bubbly & slightly cloudy.  

Vintage: 2020

Region; Margaret River, WA

ABV: 12.0%

Variety: Chenin Blanc, Shiraz

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